Placed in Porto Alegre (south Brazil) and composed by professionals with more than thirty years of experience in the field of Industrial Property and Copyright, the Capella e Veloso Associates Ltd has on its philosophy of work to orientate the client in a clear and objective way, continuously chasing his own satisfaction through a professional, personalized, effective, fast service and with highly competitive costs.

Through partnerships with international agents we guarantee our customers the protection of their rights worldwide.



The Capella e Veloso Lawyers associated represents clients in legal proceedings of a civil nature, especially in issues involving piracy of trademarks, patents, copyrights and computer software, unfair competition, abuse of economic power, as well as civil liability.

By operational arrangements with other law firms, our line of work covers the entire national territory.

Our work ranges from the Forums (first instance) to the Superior Courts (Superior Court and Supreme Court), whereas customers are constantly informed through reports.

Frequently asked questions

What is a trademark?

Trademark is all distinguishing marks visually perceptible, that identifies and distinguishes products and services of other analogues of different origins, as well as certifying their compliance with certain standards or technical specifications.

What is the validity period of a trademark?

A brand has the expiration date of 10 years from the grant.

What is a patent?

A patent is a temporary property, legally granted by the State on an invention or utility model.

Which the period for validity of a patent?

An Invention Patent is valid for 20 years, while the Utility Model is valid for 15 years.


The trademark corresponds to the name or distinctive mark that identifies a product or service. In other words; is through the trademark that the consumer public recognizes the quality of a product or service, thus constituting the greatest asset of the company.

The registration of a trademark grants its holder the exclusive use throughout the national territory or countries that are registered.


The patent seeks to protect inventions of new products (privilege of invention) or the application of new forms which result in functional improvement to existing products (utility model).

The registration will enable the patent holder the exclusive use and economic exploitation of the invention, as well as act against third party bad faith.


Consulting in the formatting of the franchise system, with the development and/or review of the franchise offering circular, franchise agreement, to track and monitor the relationship between franchisee and franchisor, in order to develop and tailor the behavior of those involved, providing a harmonious relationship and avoiding wear and conflicts on the network.

Administration of contracts with guidance and operational assistance to troubleshooting network located with the preparation of cancellations, terms, notices and circulars.

Technology transfer

Registration of contract at the PTO that address on your object and assignment of the license rights to technology transfer (patent exploitation and use of industrial design and trademarks) and the acquisition of technological knowledge (providing technology and provision of technical and scientific services).

Product registration

Given the legal need, Some products require registration with the entitites that oversee the marketing in nationwide.

Our office acts on assistance with the Ministério da Saúde (Ministry of Health) by registering medicated cosmetics, food as well as before the Secretaria da Saúde e Meio Ambiente do Estado do RS (Department of Health and Environment of Rio Grande do Sul State), Secretaria Municipal da Saúde, Farmácias, Drogarias e Comércio em Geral (Municipal Secretary of Health, Pharmacies, Drugstores and General Commerce), enabling issuance of business licenses.

Also works by registering with the Ministério da Agricultura e Reforma Agrária (Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform), beverages, cereals, other products of animal origin, including veterinary products.

Computer software

The major cost of producing a marketable computer software and the ease with which you can copy it became an imperative legal structure to protect its creator against copying and other unauthorized use.

Although the legal regime for protection of the computer program is that of copyright, in the face of difficulty proof of authorship is possible to record with the INPI (portuguese acronym for National Institute of Intellectual Property) as a form of protection against reproduction and unauthorized use.

Because of our experience and expertise in legal issues involving software, we offer our clients services of advice and consultancy, whose primary purpose is to carry out steady and preventive work to avoid mishaps, unnecessary spending and eventual lawsuits.


Currently, the copyright industries (music, video, computer softwares) emerges a huge and significant growth. Besides the cultural importance of copyright, it also should be pointed out the financial issue, because economic progress is in direct dependency of the culture.

In order to protect the works resulting from the intellectual work of our clients, our firm has constant action by the Biblioteca Nacional (National Library), the entity responsible to make such records.


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